The Act


I love people and I love how I interact with them. The more I see them and talk with them, the better I know them. It would take me a bit of time to get to know the person, and when I do, I feel accomplished of my job. That is to know this person in and out.

Downside of being interested and all that, I begin to please them for a lot of reasons. One, not to disappoint them, in a way that would jeopardize our friendship/relationship. Two, for me to be able to stay in that zone where I can comfortably be true to myself with that person. Three, I don’t want broken relationships. It takes effort and lot of thinking. It’s big deal for me.

There’s still more but to be honest, these are just the bubbles. ┬áIt is altogether a deeper part of the reasons.

I hate pleasing. People expect a lot from you. They want to be able to please you too. Yes, it’s a way to a person’s heart. Good or bad. If it would make both of you happy, why not. But if it will put you or them in a situation, that’s another story.

Pleasing selfish people is a no-no. Giving in is not an option. Talking things over is okay. Pushy people, leave them. If you’re not happy, don’t do it.

Is pleasing good? yes, in my most honest and true way, but only my intent to be that person’s blessing not destruction. I can be a way for them to be either good or bad. Same goes to myself.


*image (not mine) credit to the owner