Why do women always have to adjust with men?

When it comes to dealing with relationships, most of the articles I read online pertains to the well being of men and how they should be treated by women and not the other way around.

Women are emotional, selfish creatures. They tend to be so vulnerable when it comes to their personal feelings and the whole of being a woman.

I totally agree about having equal amount of respect to guys to which they would treat women as well. But I don’t like to say everything should be compromised for guys. They always have to be “considered” and “cared” for because majority said they are easily hurt and more often has to give more than to receive.

That’s a fact that men needs to be respected. But same with women. Those who consider men’s feelings are the ones who has a lot of respect for them. But most of the time, men don’t see that. They would logically explain the entire situation without knowing the girl’s feelings and by the end of it, they would reason out that they don’t feel the same like a girl does. So what’s the point of reasoning when they just wanted to be the one that women should listen to? solely for his “own” logical reasons? You can’t even judge them because they would make such unreasonable reasons reasonable. Justifying all odds and circumstances.

I don’t hate men. They’re annoying sometimes. I can’t figure out how tolerable they are when you are being vulnerable to them. Showing them your feelings is a good thing. It’s called reaching out. But they don’t see it as it is. They see it as anger, annoyance, nagging, degrading. How can you show that you’re being true so that this person would know, but instead, turns on his “protective shield” and ignore you like a bug? (shoo-shoo gesture). Then they (men) would reason out because they don’t know your feelings. How should they respond if you don’t tell them what to do? What would they say to you so you would calm down?


Yep. That’s right. These and more of these. Like an eternal black hole with darkness. The moment you let yourself in that hole, you won’t be able to come out.

In denial attitude is always a given to this kind of situation. For women, they shut their eyes and ears and just let their hands feel that emotions. Sad thing about being so giving and loving, you blind yourself (true fact, love is blind). You let your emotions go, accept the men’s “reasons” and just go with the flow. But really, there is something going on. You blinded yourself woman. But in the end, it’s still you alone who is suffering. All because of this so called LOVE that we would sacrifice everything just to be happy in the arms of the one that we love that we accept them and their reasons.

In conclusion, learn to say “NO” and “It’s not fair”. True. Because it’s not really fair. Give yourself a break. Love yourself more.