Past, Present, Future

Back to Reality

I hate it. Ever since I opened up my mind and talked, every thing is reality to me. Mom and dad having a fight. Sibling rivalries. Financial conditions. Home and material things stability. My childhood. Our pets. The business. Some relatives. Your parents friends. Overall life story.

I love to observe. I don’t argue and I don’t ask. I just accept things the way they are. I don’t mind what I would think of. Even shut my mouth to not let slip them (words) out from me.

Being the youngest is the toughest. I was being hold down so I won’t grow and know stuff when a person becomes an adult.

I see why people would bring you down because you don’t know anything. That’s what they thought about.

You let yourself in a moment where you are the only person in your world. No one’s in it except you.

You are on your own, no one cares.

In the end, you let yourself be this way because someone needs you. That’s the only reason you don’t give up.