Mind and Body


Do you ever find yourself tip toeing in the aisles or just the halls consciously doing it? I do for a reason, try to keep my feet from doing any noise.

Yesterday, I went to a few shops, to the library, and some random places that are not so crowded. You know some places that has like a deaf sound? I do feel like I’m in my zone. For that reason, I stay away from doing things that would distract people around me, thus the tip toeing steps that I do. I even make sure there’s no sound coming from the heels of my shoes, or anything that will produce even the tiniest bit. The moment I feel someone is behind my back the more reason I need to walk or move silently without anyone noticing it.

As I get past to them and out of the place, I felt a sense of achievement, in a way, I didn’t made others feel uncomfortable by invading their zones with a selfish act of doing what I normally do. Because there are people who likes to be in their own zones too, and I respect that.

35* credit to the owner of the picture